Protecting Individual Rights and Liberties

As an attorney, Joel Krautter understands that supporting and defending our constitutional rights and the Constitution is critical to living in a free society and preserving our way of life. Joel has a record of protecting our most cherished constitutional rights and freedoms, including 2nd Amendment rights, at the Montana Legislature. He will continue to protect, support and defend our constitutional rights as eastern and central Montana’s United States Congressman.



Joel understands that agriculture is at the heart of Montana’s economy and that when agriculture does well, Montana does well. As a state legislator, Joel has been recognized by farm and ranch organizations and agriculture producers across Montana as being a strong friend of the Montana agriculture community. In Congress, Joel will continue to be a strong advocate for Montana agriculture, whether that’s on investigating the meatpacking industry, supporting access to more international markets, or helping farmers and ranchers capture a larger share of the retail food dollar in local and regional markets, to name just a few areas he’s focused on.


Fiscal Responsibility

Joel believes in fiscal responsibility and that Washington cannot continue to run trillion-dollar deficits with no end in sight. Joel supported a balanced budget in the state legislature and would work in Washington to rein in out-of-control spending and balance the budget, while still meeting our needs and bringing more federal tax dollars home to Montana.

Border Security and Public Safety

Joel supports a secure U.S. border and believes it is both a matter of national security and public safety, given our Montana communities are being plagued by drug trafficking and fentanyl-related deaths.  An unsecure border places a strain on local law enforcement and taxpayers. Joel will prioritize and support the funding and personnel needed to secure the border.

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